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 As a Catholic School in the Edmund Rice Tradition, St Joseph’s Nudgee College has a proud record in terms of its alignment with the Touchstone titled Justice and Spirituality. As a College, “we are committed to justice and peace for all, grounded in a spirituality of action and reflection that calls us to stand in solidarity with those who are marginalised and the Earth itself.”

More recently, since 2005, staff and students have been involved in service and solidarity programs with Brisbane’s homeless. Twice a week, fifty-two weeks of the year, we cook a meal from our Big Brekky van for patrons in need. We began the support of the Street Swags Program in 2005, and in 2008, partnered with Swags Australia. In this time we have rolled, wrapped, stored and deployed in excess of 22,000 ‘street swags’.  This has provided warmth and comfort to the homeless in major cities around Australia and beyond.

The awareness of the existence and effectiveness of these programs has led to greater demand. Until recently, we had an unused building, (since renovated) in which we were able to store all of our stock, including rolled swags and pallets. This location saw a number of memorable occasions in which staff and students rolled 500 swags in response to a call for support for people affected by natural disasters. 

The demand still exists, but the renovated “temporary home” has a new life as a theatre. This means that there is multi handling of the stock as it is processed into swags. What is desperately needed is a new shed to ensure the sustainability and growth of these and other programs. Ed’s Shed, so called in honour of Blessed Edmund Rice, will provide a dedicated venue as the hub of our community outreach activities which include Big Brekkie, Big Barbie, Street Swags as well as a number of other Social Justice Programs.

Your support of our ‘Pave the way to Ed’s Shed’ campaign will help us to complete this project, thus contributing to the sustainability of our activities, and the impact they have in forming our young men as we “seek to provide opportunities allowing our young men to realise their role in supporting those at the margins.” 

Thanks for supporting this critical endeavour. 


In 2014 we endeavour to commence the construction of Ed’s Shed, and in celebration of Nudgee College’s service and solidarity programs, we invite you to be part of this community facility.  Your tax deductible donation to the campaign will be recognised by the inclusion of a named paver in the walkway leading to Ed’s Shed and your name embedded in the history of Nudgee College.

If you are interested in supporting the Ed’s Shed campaign please fill out your details below to receive your information pack in the mail or download the brochure and order form below. 

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