Privacy Policy

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St Josephs Nudgee College, as a part of the Xavier Province of the Christian Brothers, acknowledges its obligations imposed by The Privacy Amendment Act (Private Sector) 2000, Commonwealth, which came into force on 21 December 2001.

Information collected in the course of the enrolment process will be handled in compliance with the ACT relating to the collection, use, disclosure, security, access and disposal of. The purpose of collecting this information is to ascertain the educational and physical needs of your child and to determine our ability to best meet those needs.

Personal student information (including parent / guardian names, addresses and occupations etc) will be held in a safe and secure manner during the course of a students education at the College. The information obtained in the normal course of an enrolment of a student will, during his association with the College, be given to supporting groups (Nudgee College Foundation, Parents & Friends, Ladies Auxiliary, Nudgee College Old Boys Association, and cultural and sporting support groups) and ultimately, when the student finishes at the College, his name, address and years at Nudgee will be stored on an Old Boys Data Base, and be made available to appropriate persons for the purpose of reunions etc.

From time to time we publish College news, student achievements and photographs in our newsletter, on our website and in other publications.

Further information on your rights can be found on the Australian Privacy Commission Website