Academic Life - A Mindful School

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St Joseph’s Nudgee College is proud of its academic record over the past century and lists among its Old Boys many who have distinguished themselves in a variety of professions and pursuits. Eight Old Boys have been Rhodes Scholars and scores of them have won university scholarships.  

The College believes that the range of subjects on offer caters for the interests, abilities and eligibility needs of student’s today. As in the past, high standards of academic involvement are expected. Nudgee College presents each student with a diverse and holistic curriculum that is responsive to the contemporary needs of young men through which they can develop and strengthen specific skills and abilities.

Our focus at Nudgee College, through the use of the Habits of Mind framework, is on performance under challenging conditions that demand strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity, and craftsmanship. The critical attribute of intelligent human beings is not only having information, but also knowing how to act on it. Employing Habits of Mind, and establishing ourselves as a Mindful School, requires drawing forth certain patterns of intellectual behaviour that produce powerful results.

The 16 habits do not displace the agreed upon standards of learning developed and adopted by the College. Rather, course content serves as a vehicle to inculcate effective habits which will facilitate deeper and more authentic learning. The Habits allow for the use of a common terminology for communication by all members of the school community: parents, teachers, and students. They provide a shared vision of the attributes and characteristics of lifelong learners. The use of Habits of Mind across the College is evidence that at Nudgee we are serious about implementing measures to continue teacher development and support lifelong learning in our community.