BYOD Information for students

What device should I purchase?
For information on which devices to consider please click here for our information brochures.
What does my son need to have installed for the first day next year?
A modern browser, we recommend Chrome but it is not a requirement. All devices come with a browser installed, so no action will be required before the first day other than charging the device (Windows has Internet Explorer, Mac has Safari, Android and Chrome OS has Chrome).
Do I need to buy anything for Google Apps?

There is no cost for Google Apps for Education.

Will our sons get their Google apps account before they start school?
No, they will receive assistance once they have commenced.
Will I need to buy any software?
Perhaps, depending on platform selection.
On the non recommended platforms:
  • iOS will need a program to upload to web pages and to create presentations
  • Android will need a program to create presentations
Do I still need to purchase Microsoft Office for BYOD?
No, Google apps provide alternatives to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
How much storage will students get?
Currently Google provide 30GB, Google has over time increased this number, and they do exclude some files based on type and size from the limit.