Vocational Education and Training

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Vocational Education and Training

We are very fortunate at St Joseph’s Nudgee College to offer our students various pathways to success. The Nudgee College VET Program not only educates and trains students in the specific skills and knowledge required for employment in various industries, it is also an option for students to enter post tertiary study through a guaranteed selection rank (OP equivalent). Societal perceptions about VET pathways have changed and it is viewed as a very viable and esteemed pathway for students in Senior schooling. Students can choose to pursue:

  • school based training and apprenticeship programs
  • the TAFE in schools programs
  • qualifications through their subject choices, offered on site

Students who choose to enter the VET program have many opportunities afforded to them. Students gain:

  • credit points towards the attainment of the Queensland Certificate of Education
  • insight and experience into specific industries or trades
  • specific selective ranks (OP equivalent for entry into post-tertiary institutions)
  • practical work experience and developed employability skills
  • exploration into the potential career path they wish to pursue

We have first class facilities including the newly built ‘Trade Training Centre’ which allows students to be well trained and prepared for the current job market. Our trainers are all highly qualified, holding not only their necessary Certificate IV in Training and Accessing but also their Bachelor of Education degree, making them more qualified to teach than other trainers at TAFEs and other Registered Training Organisations. This ensures the very best successful outcome for your son.

Further information on what the Nudgee College VET program can offer your son, can be gained through an email to:

Lara Morgan
Head of VET

Complaints and Appeals policy

Please find below the formal Complaints and Appeals Policy for St Joseph's Nudgee College (National Provider Number 30498) - Updated last on 2nd March, 2015

Any person wishing to make a complaint against the school concerning its conduct as an RTO, whether a complaint, appeal or other matter, shall have access to the complaints and appeals procedure. Complaints include conduct of the RTO, its trainers, assessors or other staff; a third party providing services on the RTO's behalf, its trainers, assessors or other staff; or a student of the RTO. An appeal can be a request for a review of decisions, including assessment decisions, made by the RTO or a third party providing services on the RTO's behalf.

All formal complaints and appeals will be heard and decided within 15 working days of the receipt of the written complaint/appeal by the school. The Head of VET will keep a Register of Complaints and Appeals which documents all formal complaints/appeals and their resolution. Any substantiated complaints/appeals will be reviewed as part of the continuous improvement procedure. The principles of natural justice and procedural fairness are adopted at every stage of the complaint and appeal process.

Complaints and Appeals procedure

Persons with a complaint or appeal, have access to the following procedure:

  • the initial stage of any complaint or appeal shall be for the complainant/appellant to communicate directly with their trainer and/assessor to resolve any dispute
  • person(s) dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint or appeal to the trainer and/or assessor may then take their complaint or appeal to the Head of VET, along with completion of the Complaints or Appeals Record Form. The Head of VET records the information in the Complaints and Appeals Register. The Head of VET will make a decision in consultation with the student, the trainer and/or assessor, and will suggest action to be taken by a given date.
  • if all are parties are in agreement, once agreed action has been completed and is effective, the Principal of the RTO will sign and date the Complaints or Appeals Record Form and the Complaints and Appeals Register will be updated.

Independent Review:

If person(s) are dissatisfied with the decision of the Head of VET, an review by a party independent of the RTO can be requested by the student:

  1. the complainant shall be given an opportunity to present his/her case to the independent party;
  2. the independent party will make a final decision on the complaint and/or appeal;
  3. the independent party will communicate its decision on the complaint and/or appeal to all parties in writing as soon as practicable. If the RTO needs more than 60 calendar days to process and finalise the complaint and/or appeal, the RTO will inform the complainant or appellant of the reasons for this in writing and provide regular updates;
  4. all information is kept securely to avoid breach of privacy;
  5. the Complaints and Appeals Register will be updated; and
  6. the root cause of the complaint and/or appeal will be considered at continuous improvement meetings and included the annual Internal Audit.

Person(s) who wish to take their complaint to the Head of VET, need to send the completed 'Complaints or Appeals Record Form' to: LnT@nudgee.qld.edu.au.

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