Years 10–12

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Nudgee College offers a range of subjects and courses that caters for the interests, abilities and eligibility needs of our students today. As in the past, high standards of academic involvement are expected. Each student is presented with an appropriate range of subjects and courses through which he will be able to develop and strengthen specific skills and abilities.

Nudgee College offers a Vocational Education program which provides pathways into training and includes a greater emphasis upon the world of work. While remaining at school, students can gain credit towards or complete a Vocational Education and Training qualification which allows them to take up further study at a TAFE College, provide an alternative pathway to a university or move smoothly into the workforce on completion of Year 12.

What is Senior School?

  • More flexible choices of study options
  • An OP pathway
  • A Vocational Education pathway
  • Opportunities to study university level subjects
  • Work placement opportunities
  • School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Possible Variable Progression (three-year Senior)

Senior Phase of Learning Subject Pathways

  • OP Pathway
    • Core – Study of Religion and English and either Mathematics A or Mathematics B 
    • Electives – At least three Authority subjects
  • Vocational Education Pathway (OP Ineligible)
    • Core – Religion and Ethics, English Communication, Maths A or Prevocational Maths
    • Electives – A combination of three Authority, Authority Registered or Certificate Courses
  • School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship
    • As for Vocational Education Pathway
    • Part time paid work, training on or off the job and Senior studies
  • Variable Progression Senior
    • Senior studies organised over three years