Boarding Life

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Welcome to the St Joseph's Nudgee College Boarding community. 

Boarding students are a most important group in a school like Nudgee College. They are the heart and soul of the Nudgee College community as they live on campus for approximately 40 weeks of the year and have a significant impact on the life of the College, contributing to its tone, climate, curricular and extra-curricular programs. A boarder at Nudgee College will mix with people from rural and urban areas of Australia as well as many from Asia, the South Pacific and other nations.

As Queensland's largest boarding school, Nudgee College gives students a wealth of opportunity to further all aspects of their development. The overwhelming spirit and tone in the boarding houses is one of harmony and happiness. The opportunity to live, work and play with boarders from all over Australia, the South Pacific and beyond makes boarding a special experience. Genuine friendships are forged between boarders that last well beyond graduation.

With approximately 300 boys and 50 staff living on campus, Nudgee College is an exciting and enthusiastic community with a distinct tone and spirit emanating from the boarding community. Nudgee College's main focus is the level of care and commitment to each individual. Communication between the College and the family is paramount. Parents are ensured 24-hour access to the "Parent Lounge" through the College website which gives them accurate and up-to-date information on all aspects of their son's progress in the day school as well as a wealth of information regarding boarding life.

Accommodation is divided among four boarding houses. Junior boarders from Years 6 to 10 are located in two vertical houses, O'Brien and Cotter, which are located in the original Treacy Building. Both boarding houses can cater for up to 70 boys in individual style accommodation.

Senior boarders are located in the other two boarding houses, Murphy and Hodda which have both been recently renovated to offer individual rooms for up to 160 boys, each with their own study space and internet access in each room. With study as the main focus the building has a direct access to the Library and computer rooms each night of the week.

Nudgee College recognises parents are the primary caregivers and at all times parents and families are welcome to spend time with their sons. Boarders can enjoy weekend leave with families approved by their parents. Weekend leave allows boys to spend quality time with family and friends who might be located in the Brisbane area. Boarders' leave is closely monitored by the Head and Assistant Head of the Boarding House and the College endeavours to always carry out the wishes of parents in regard to their son's whereabouts.

Leave applications can be made via the Parent Portal, which is found on the Nudgee College home page. This is a simple and accurate way of applying for any overnight leave and gives the Heads of Boarding Houses all the information they need to process the leave in a timely and secure manner. Parents will be given a username and password at the start of the year which will give them sole access to the leave application form. It remains the responsibility of the parent to speak to any hosts who might be caring for their sons at any given time. In accepting the terms of the leave application, this point is critical and says to boarding staff they are comfortable with where their son is going and with whom.

Leave for a special occasions is also granted through the duty office of each Head or Assistant Head of Boarding House. Provision also exists for the older boarders to have time in the city or make use of local shopping precincts. The younger boys have such city visits incorporated in their recreation program and are fully supervised. 

For more information please download the Boarder's Handbook below or contact:

Director of Boarding
Mr Ken Mitchell
p: 07 3865 0462