Essential Services

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Health centre

Nudgee College’s 24-Hour Health Centre is staffed by trained nurses who hold the boys' medical needs close to heart and act as a 'mum's ear' when they need someone to talk too. Doctors run a clinic three afternoons a week and a dentist, orthodontist, physiotherapist and podiatrist visit the campus on a regular basis. Please feel free to contact the Health Centre on 07 3865 0501 to discuss any special medical needs or concerns with staff.  

Kitchen and Dining

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and dinner are served in the cafeteria style Dining Hall. On some occasions boarders have their meal in the Centenary Mall garden BBQ area located between the Murphy and Hodda Boarding Houses. Meals are substantial and ensure boarders receive a wide variety of healthy foods. Fresh fruit and/or vegetables are an integral part of every menu. A salad bar is available each evening to complement the dinner menu.

Breakfasts have been enhanced by the provision of a coffee machine that allows boys the luxury of hot tea, coffee, and even hot chocolate in the colder winter months. Special dietary needs are always catered for. Each boarding house holds their own formal dining night each term which educates the boys in fine dining and also gives the boys greater ownership of their dining facilities. Parents can access the weekly boarders menu through the Parent Portal on the College website.

Laundry and housekeeping

Nudgee College is lucky to have very competent and dedicated Laundry Staff, housekeepers and cleaners who ensure that all the boarders' material needs are met on a regular basis. There is a daily clean of each of the boarding houses in addition to the maintenance team who keep on top of any issues which may arise during the school term. Boarders are offered a full laundry service twice a week with their laundry done on site in a fully operational, industrial capacity laundry facility.