Family Involvement

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Boys' families are encouraged to be a part of the Nudgee College community with opportunities to attend Sunday liturgies, special events such as the Boarders' Family Bash and the Boarders' Family Mass. The Boarders' Parent Support Group is a welcome component, meeting at the beginning of each term to discuss issues and lend support to the boarding community. Parents have unrestricted access to their sons on campus and may take them on leave be it mid-week, a special occasion or over a weekend. 

The development of faith is an important element within the boarding community and the boarders are encouraged to participate in a range of religious activities including regular Mass attendance, school retreats, reconciliation, community service, and nightly prayers.

Service and community assistance aspects are supported through a variety of programs operated by the College Community and Mission Team and other Boarding Staff. Boarders are encouraged to be involved fully in the various projects on offer which include: 

  • BBQ for the Homeless (run all year round)
  • Community Touch Football
  • Overseas immersions to Africa, Philippines and East Timor
  • Charity collections 

The weekly Boarding Mass is the pinnacle of the week and vital to the College’s community experience. The weekly mass takes place in the beautiful College Chapel located in the heart of the College at 7.30pm every Sunday night of the school term. Boys are encouraged to participate fully with singing, reading, music and serving. Senior boys are carefully trained in the role of Eucharistic Ministers and serve the wider College community at whole College masses. Nudgee College is one of the few Catholic Colleges to retain the services of a live-in Catholic priest who also teaches in the day school.