Mr Peter Fullagar - Principal

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It is with a deep sense of honour and responsibility, as well as a genuine feeling of excitement about the challenge ahead, that I begin my journey as Principal of St Joseph's Nudgee College. I am also grateful for the warm welcome that I have received thus far from various members of the College community.
Since being appointed to the position I have received countless comments, made by people from across Australia, who have spoken with the highest praise for Nudgee College. It holds a special place within Catholic education and has a grand reputation that has been built by successive generations of students, Christian Brothers, staff, parents, Old Boys and community members.
In 2015, our 125th year, we are called to not only celebrate this rich history but more importantly to build upon it.
It is significant therefore that this year we will open the newly redeveloped and extended Boarding Village. The boarding community has been at the heart of the College since its founding and this magnificent, contemporary facility will usher in a new chapter in the story of boarding at Nudgee College.
At the same time, in May, we will also celebrate the opening of the new Learning Centre. This exciting Centre will make a bold statement to all in the community about the importance of learning, teaching and academic endeavour to the culture of the College. 
While buildings are important within a school, they are not as important as those people who use them - the students, the staff, the parents and community. The holistic education and development of each student remains the key focus of the College. Nudgee College offers a rich diversity of educational opportunities - in the classroom, in co-curricular pursuits - as well as in faith development and social justice activities.
As a leading Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition, the culture and values of the College are shaped and influenced by the Touchstones of inclusive community, gospel spirituality, liberating education as well as justice and solidarity. These Touchstones need to be expressed in practical ways by those within our community as well as being shared with others beyond the College.
Ultimately, we are called to live out our College motto - Signum Fidei - a sign of faith. In all that we do in 2015, may we remember this essential calling.
Mr Peter Fullagar