Edmund Rice Education

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Edmund Rice.jpgIn 1891 St Joseph's Nudgee College was founded to "give Queensland Catholic boys a strong ground on which to stand, an unobstructed vision, and a faith to fill unbounded horizons" (T.P. Boland 1991). Nudgee College focuses on the development of each individual student’s spirituality as part of a holistic approach to education.

Under the guidance of the Christian Brothers and their founder Edmund Rice, we seek inspiration from Rice's dream, honouring this challenge in a contemporary world. We follow his path of educating the whole person in the context of enhancing faith for the future.

Edmund Rice Education Australia

For more information about Edmund Rice Education Australia, visit the EREA website.

Core Values

We uphold the core values of Edmund Rice Education, which include:

  • Respect for the dignity of the person
  • The nurturing of right relationships
  • A clear commitment to the poor and marginalised
  • Aspiration towards excellence in teaching and learning
  • A curriculum responding to the diverse needs of students
  • Nurturing a Partnership with Families
  • Honouring Accountability

ERE Charter

Our commitment is further realised through our efforts to uphold cultural characteristics from the Edmund Rice Education Charter (2004), including:

  • Holistic Education - Integrated development occurs through quality teaching and learning
  • Spirituality - Each person's story is unique and sacred
  • Faith in Action - Each person is called to respond out of a personal relationship with God
  • Community - A school forms a distinctive community
  • Pastoral Care - The dignity of each person as a child of God is at the heart of pastoral care
  • Service of Others - Service of others is integral to being a follower of Jesus
  • Being Just - Justice is integral to the vision of the Kingdom
  • At the Margins - Edmund Rice, following Jesus, sought out the marginalised
  • Compassion - Compassion is central to the life and teaching of Jesus and to the spirituality of Edmund
  • Stewardship - God's gifts are to be shared justly and used wisely, as exemplified by Edmund
  • Reflective Practice - Reflective practice leads to personal and communal growth

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