Faith Life

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Former Archbishop of Brisbane John Bathersby

“With the help and assistance of Mary the Mother of God and Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice may the students of Nudgee College continue to mould and shape our society for the better”

Archbishop John Bathersby
Archbishop of Brisbane 1996–2012
Nudgee College Old Boy

The Faith Life of St Joseph’s Nudgee College is one that aims to provide a foundation for community members to become a Sign of Faith in the world.  Students, staff and parents are challenged to answer the call of Jesus and walk in the footsteps of Edmund Rice, the founder of the Christian Brothers.  Through a variety of spiritual formation programs, service learning, advocacy and social justice initiatives, and prayer and liturgical worship, the members of the Nudgee community are challenged to be inspired by the life and ministry of Jesus and ground their discipleship in the work of Edmund Rice.