Retreat Program

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Nudgee College gentlemen have the opportunity each year to participate in a retreat program. Each retreat is part of Nudgee College life and is compulsory to attend. Students attend these retreats in their class/house groups and spend one to two days a year in reflection, prayer, contemplation and friendship. The retreat program enables the students to come to know the story of Jesus more intimately, to reflect on their calling to follow Edmund Rice, and thus deepen their awareness of being a disciple of Jesus.

Year 5 Signum Fidei Retreat: The Year 5 retreat occurs at the beginning of the year and introduces the students to what it means to be a Sign of Faith within the Nudgee College community. Students participate in a variety of hands on activities reflecting on the story of Edmund and how they can become Signum Fidei while they journey through the College. This retreat is linked to the students’ classroom learning of religion, where they are introduced to the story of Edmund, the beliefs of the Edmund Rice community, the touchstones of the charter and the history of Nudgee College. The retreat day allows students time to be still and reflect upon these stories of Nudgee College and how they can be a true Sign of Faith to all.

Year 6 Answering the Call Retreat: The Year 6 retreat invites the students to listen to the call of God and the call of Jesus, and dig deeper into the Edmund Rice story and social justice initiatives.

Year 7 The Journey of the Star Retreat: The Year 7 retreat occurs at the end of the year when the students ‘cross the road’ and begin a new journey, a new chapter in their lives.  The students have the opportunity to reflect upon the journey of the wise men, relate it to their own personal journey so far, and the gifts they take with them as they continue their journey at the College.

Year 8 Galilee Day: The Galilee retreat allows students to reflect upon the journey of Jesus, and answering the call to be a disciple. Year 8s spend the day at Shorncliffe, reflecting upon what Jesus’ life was about, what it means to answer the call to be his disciple, and how Edmund Rice answered the call in his life to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Year 9 Emmaus Retreat: The Year 9 retreat allows students to reflect upon the reading in Luke’s gospel where the disciples met Jesus on the road to Emmaus. The program focuses on understanding ways of recognising God in the people and events of life. The boys are encouraged to discover that God is not so much a being who is distant and incomprehensible but rather present and active in their lives already. Emmaus is an opportunity for the students to be still, experience silence and reflect on the world and to see God at work.

Year 10 Immersion: The Year 10 immersion program occurs in Term 3 when students have the opportunity to participate in an immersion program. A small group of Year 10 students will be given the opportunity to travel to the Philippines to work with communities and learn about local issues.

Year 11 Jerusalem Retreat and Leadership Days: Year 11 students participate in a retreat program focussing on leadership, and the leadership of Jesus in preparation for their final year at Nudgee College.

Year 12 Kairos Retreat: The Kairos retreat focuses on Jesus in the personal life of our Year 12 students and how they might be a Sign of Faith when they leave the College and enter the next phase of their lives.