GPS Activities

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The College is a member of the Queensland Greater Public Schools (GPS) Association and more than holds its own in competition with the other eight GPS schools.

The GPS Association of Queensland Incorporated aims to provide a healthy and social opportunity for large numbers of boys to take part in a wide range of sporting and cultural activities.

Through an extensive activities program, the Association seeks to promote skill development, teamwork and leadership through coaching by teachers and others who are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to work effectively with young people. The Association encourages students of Member schools to pursue excellence in sport and other activities where they possess particular talent.

The encouragement of skill development and the pursuit of excellence should never be at the expense of fair play, good sportsmanship and friendly rivalry and the Association has developed these Codes of Behaviour to provide guidance for all people who have an involvement in GPS activities. The Association hopes that these codes will encourage teachers, coaches, parents, officials, and players to contribute to the development of a healthy, enjoyable and safe environment for all GPS sport and other activities.