Sporting Life

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From 1891, when the Christian Brothers enrolled their first students at St Joseph's Nudgee College, sport has been an integral part of College life. In the College's early days the Brothers recognised that an active boy is a happy boy, and that an organised sports program was invaluable in the formation of young men. 

Over 100 years later, research into boys' education has confirmed what Nudgee College has long acknowledged: Through participation in sport, boys learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them. Sport allows boys to work together as a team, to experience the joy of winning and how to be a gracious loser. Often sport is a crucial forum for young men to express their god-given gifts, and is an important ingredient in the formation of their identity and self-esteem. Most significantly, participation in organised College sport allows boys to feel a sense of belonging.

This belonging is wonderfully evidenced by the crowd of over one thousand Nudgee College men who gather in the Ross Oval Grandstand on home rugby and football days to cheer and support their College and peers. Each weekend throughout the year, a minimum of 600 boys feel the joy of wearing the famous blue and white while representing Nudgee College. During the winter season this number increases to over 800 boys each weekend.

With this high rate of student participation and a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play, that incredible phenomenon, the Nudgee College Spirit, has no choice but to flourish.

Success Stories

Nudgee College is proud of its extraordinary record in the field of sport. The College’s record in rugby union is second to none in Queensland, winning the 39th rugby union premiership in 2011. In 2009 Nudgee College completed a Term 1 sporting trifecta winning the GPS Cricket Premiership, GPS Swimming Championship and 1st VIII rowing’s O’Connor Cup at GPS Head of the River. This is something that hadn’t been achieved since 1963. In 2012 Nudgee College won its fourth straight GPS Swimming Championship and its 17th in the past 21 years.

For many of the College’s young men, participation at Nudgee College is the foundation of a career in sport. The College has seen many Old Boys in representative teams at both State and National Level in many sports. The College proudly recognises recent Old Boys representing Queensland and Australia in cricket, weightlifting, rugby union, rugby league, gymnastics, swimming, sailing, and rowing to name just a few. In addition, Old Boys are regularly in team lists in the Super 15 rugby competition, the NRL and the AFL.


Students may concentrate on one or two sporting or cultural pursuits, or they may select from a plethora of activities. Some boys try as many different sports and activities as they can fit into a year. 

To aid in the selection of sporting activities across the year, here is the full schedule:














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