House System

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The House system evolved as a means of providing personal care and extensive leadership opportunities for all boys at Nudgee College. It is integral to the Pastoral Care (PC) program at the College which enables students and House Tutors to establish a relationship of trust, support and friendship. 

Students stay with this same House Group, House Tutor and House Dean for the duration of their time at Nudgee College, ensuring a sense of belonging. A student's House Tutor is the first and central link to many College activities, events and communications. Year 8 and new students are welcomed into the College by a Year 12 ‘Big Brother’, who they meet every morning in their tutor group.

The College is divided into nine house groups of around 140 students. Each House is coordinated by a House Dean and has a crest, colour and motto.

Each of the houses has been named after significant people from within the Nudgee College community.