Student Life

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Nudgee College War Cry

Hokitika Hokitika Whish Bang Whop
Ingo Buddy Buddy Give It To Them Hot
Paw The Boot Paw The Boot Tackle Hard And True
Nudgee, Nudgee Blue White Blue
Yah Yah Ingo Yah
Ingo Popego Tarrawerah Wopego
Yah Boska

As an inclusive faith community, St Joseph’s Nudgee College strives to assist students to develop as fully as possible within a safe and caring environment. 

In line with the College’s commitment to educating young men and promoting their formation in Christian virtue and conscience, each student’s growth and development is carefully managed all the way through to graduation.

Nudgee College establishes a welcoming atmosphere for every student, and aims to be a community that engages in partnerships where each person is empowered and enriched. Through a formal and informal program of student formation Nudgee College strives to provide a school where students feel cared for, valued and happy.